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Beard Oil

All of our oils here at Bay Area Beard Co are of the highest quality and cold pressed. We do not use any chemically extracted oils. We formulated our Biblical Beard Oil for every beard, no matter short or long, darker or grey, full or attempting to grow. With a full complex of Vitamins A,B,E and multiple fatty acids your beard and skin will surely fall in love. Biblical Beard Oil will leave your skin and beard feeling softer, stronger and fuller with every use. Bless Your Beard

Sweet Almond Oil-

High in vitamins A & E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Zinc,  sweet almond oil a great carrier oil in our blend. Aiding in reducing under eye puffiness, improving skin complexion and tone, treatment of dry skin, improving acne and even reversing sun damage. 

Golden Jojoba Oil-

One of the most used carrier oils, Jojoba oil is essential in beard care. Containing vitamins A,D, & E along with long chain fatty acids, is great for helping beard hair breakage, split ends, reducing beard dandruff and itchiness. Golden Jojoba is a must in any blend.

Morrocan Argan Oil-

Noted as arguably the #1 carrier oil for beard care, this versatile oil has a long list of benefits. Argan oil reduces dandruff, prevents dryness, reduces itchiness and nourishes the beard thanks to its natural vitamin E content. This oil is also extremely light and emollient. Argan oil can be easily applied to the beard without clogging pores or leaving your face and beard feeling greasy. 

Avocado Oil-

An often forgotten about carrier oil, Avocado oil is a light oil high in mono-saturated fats. It has relatively good stability when used as a carrier oil. Used to provide moisture and elasticity, strengthens your beard due to its Vitamin B content, reduction of frizzy and tangled beard hair, conditions and even adds vibrancy to your beard. Another fantastic addition to our BIBLICAL blend.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil-

Last but definitely not least is this incredible almost magical carrier oil. Apart from the original version, castor beans are first roasted before extracting the oil. High in Ricinoleic acid, this is said to increase blood circulation and provide nutrients for hair growth.  Palmitic acid in this roasted bean is able to penetrate the skin and saturate the cell for hair growth, Oleic and linoleic acids unblock pores and shield follicles from loss of moisture and help with regeneration. This carrier oil also has a great Vitamin A&E complex. Jamaican Black Castor oil is the final cornerstone in this beard building blend